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Join HYMS (Hyderabad Manipuri Society). If you are of Manipuri origin or interested in Manipur, and live/work/study in Hyderabad, you are welcome to join the HYMS (Hyderabad Manipuri Society). For joining instructions, send us an email at hyderabadmanipurisociety AT

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Justice for Loitam Richard Campaign

Justice for Loitam Richard Campaign

The nation-wide campaign for justice for Loitam Richard, a nineteen years old Architectural Engineering student at Acharya NRV Engineering College, Bangalore, who was beaten to death by his hostel mates, was held in different parts of India. As a part of this nation-wide campaign, Hyderabad Manipuri Society (HYMS), in association with the Students Union of University of Hyderabad and Manipuri students held a protest cum condolence meeting at the university campus today i.e. 29th April, 2012. The campaign was attended by more than one hundred and fifty persons from different walks of life, from different region and states. The event, created by HYMS, demands an immediate action from Karnataka police and government.

The event for Loitam Richard had silent protest-rally and observed two minutes silence for the departed soul. Amidst candles and slogans, people gathered for the event condemns the homicide and demanded that justice be brought. One of the speakers, Rajeev Rahi, a Ph.D student of Hindi literature, questions the system and how this system for its own existence has killed so many people particularly from the minority sections. He calls Indian Democracy a pseudo and we have people have to fight against such a hegemonic and oppressive system. Another speaker, Phani also echoing Rajeev’s point maintains how institutional system is killing instead of grooming them for the future. He also referred to Dona Silva Sangma, the girl from Meghalaya who committed suicide allegedly after she was caught using unfair means; he also referred to Irom Sharmila to bring out how minority are treated in this country which is supposedly the largest democracy in the world. Zameer, another Ph.D Scholar and Manjoy Lourembam who represented HYMS also spoke on the occasion.

Few of the media houses which came to cover the event took interviews of people gathered. Thongam Bipin, a Ph.D student in University and also the Cultural coordinator of HYMS points out the possibility of racial discrimination and abuses. He also condemns the insensitivity of college administration and Karnataka police. They should be held responsible.
In this regard, HYMS stands for justice for Loitam Richard and his family. It believes that Richard could be anybody and it could happen to anybody. Though the issue has a possible tinge of racial discrimination, HYMS would choose to remain mum for the moment. We will wait for the findings because we believe that the police and other higher authorities can no longer remain silent. At this hour, HYMS condemns Richard’s killing in the strongest possible terms and extends our support. Richard’s case is a reminiscence of nth number of such killings. We demand an end to this and justice be brought and the case should be handed over to CBI.

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Maibam Hitler
Chief Cordinator
Hyderabad Manipuri Society (HYMS)

HMYS’s 1st Advanced Christmas Celebration 2011

HYMS request the pleasure of your company to our “1st Advanced Christmas Celebration 2011″. Saturday, 17th Dec 2011
Women’s Fellowship Hall, St. Thomas (SPG) Cathedral Church, Secunderabad.
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
It wouldn’t be Christmas without you and your presence. Let’s take some time out of our busy schedule and celebrate the spirit of Christmas by sharing peace, harmony and love. We sincerely hope you will join us to encourage one another. We look forward to your time presence.
Program list:
1) Welcome Guests
2) Praise & Worship by members
3) Bible verse reading by members
4) Speech by Pastor Don Altura.
5) Self introduction and Ice breaker games
6) Gift Exchange & Snacks
7) Vote of Thanks by HYMS Cultural Team.
Since Christmas is also a time of sharing peace, love and gifts. We are organising a small gift exchange program. The maximum price for the GIFT Exchange is INR 100. It is not so much of the price per se, but the gesture of sharing amongst the various communities. We, therefore, request you to get a gift of not more than 100 INR.
For more information, please visit HYMS website and HYMS group in Facebook.
Thanks and Regards
Hyderabad Manipuri Society (HYMS)




Lenin’s tattoo has been nominated in the ongoing HYDERABAD TIMES TATTOO CONTEST

How long have you been practicing tattooing?

I’m not a Tattoo artist as my tattoo has been done by my friend Tommy Laishangbam . He is truly a tattoo artist. I just love to have a tattoo on my body which shows the logic of humanity, spirituality, expression in my real life.

What inspired you to have this tattoo?

I wanted to have a tattoo that is unique but at the same times express who am I as a person. I am very spiritual and perhaps that is my motivation and my inspiration.

Has tattoo as an art form reached the acceptable level to make it a viable business?

Yes. I believe we have come to accepted new art forms. There are tattoo parlors across India and there is a lot of people who has inked themselves.

Can you tell us more about your entry with the Hyderabad Times’s Tattoo Content?

I came across the ad in the newspaper and I decided to send in my entry. I believed that my tattoo was good but I never expected my entry to be hot listed. I am asking my friends on various social network platforms to vote for me.

Description of the Tattoo:  My tattoo holds an element of Ying and Yang (black and white), depicting the true meaning of life, which is to experience both happiness and sorrow. When you have experienced both, only then will you know peace. KOI Fish represents sensitivity. When people are sensitive, they learn quickly about life and body languages. The water represents spirituality.


How long have you been practicing tattooing?
It’s been around 4years that I’ve been tattooing. I started with a handmade machine.

What inspired you to have this tattoo?

Honestly, nothing inspires me for tattooing but the tattoo itself. Itis totally different kind of art because the medium is our body.. I learnt the art to draw by tattooing before I can sketch it on a piece of paper. So, the body itself is the medium to express my art. I’m trying to connect their ideas with art then with the person who’s trying to picture his thought and get paint on his body. this challenging attitude I love to wear, so the tattoo itself inspire me for tattooing.

Has tattoo as an art form reached the acceptable level to make it a viable business?

Yes. Tattoo is kind of fashion that we can wear till we met our demise. If a person loves modern music, then definitely he/she’ll love to do fashion. If he/she loves fashion then they will love to go for a tattoo. So in urban areas the fashion of tattoo is good with money.

Can you tell us more about your entry with the Hyderabad Times’s Tattoo Content?

 I really don’t know any tattoo artist over here in Hyderabad. So I took part in this contest to compare my piece of work with all of them and to share the idea of life with everybody through my tattoo.

 What do you think are your chances in winning this one?

If you go deeply with the theme, the ideas you can expand it into a great extent. It is a fashion, expression and spiritual base . The tattoo consist of three layers . The tattoo itself express an idea about how to acknowledge the true meaning of life and it’s element to acquire it. Because of this idealistic composition, I must say ‘’yes’’ .




SAVE SHARMILA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN at Hyderabad: From Oct 2 to Nov 10

Hyderabad Manipuri Society has launched ‘Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign’ in association with the Andhra Pradesh Chapter of National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAPM) as part of a nationwide protest programme on Sunday, 2nd Oct 2011.


Holding placards and raising slogans, members of the two organisations gathered at Ambedkar statue, Tank Bund and launched a signature campaign seeking the repeal of Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), which is in force in the North-eastern States. The two groups also demanded holding of talks with Irom Sharmila, who has been on hunger strike for the past 11 years in protest against AFSPA. Hyderabad Manipuri Society  will continue the mass signature campaign till December 10.


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2nd general body meeting, Indira Park 14th August 2011

The 2nd general body meeting was  held  at Indira Park, Domalguda (Lower Tank Bund)  on 14th August 2011 (Sunday).  The agenda of the meeting were :

1. To create hierarchies of HYMS & assigning the respective designations (Chief coordinator, Finance coordinator, Sports coordinator etc.)
2. Sources of fund.
3. HYMS annual program list.
4. Achievements of HYMS etc.

3rd HYMS General Body meeting

Time: Saturday, September 24 · 8:00am – 11:00am
Location: Indira Park, Domalguda (Lower Tank Bund). Entrance: Opposite to Vivekananda Institute of Languages.
More Info: You are cordially invited to attend the 3rd HYMS general body meeting which will held on 24th Sept 2011 at Indira Park, Domalgudda.

Also, check out the Facebook event:

Agenda of meeting:

1. Nationwide signature campaign (30th Sept 2011, 02nd Oct – 10th Dec 2011) in support of your great sister “Irom Chanu Sharmilla” in collaboration with National Aligned People Movement, Hyderabad.

2. Participation of HYMS Football team in HYD’EA Football North East Cup which is going to held on 6th and 8th Sept 2011 at Gymkhana ground, Secundrabad.

3. Review of HYMS annual calendar.

4. Announcement of the Office bearer name.

5. Fund drive towards the Society.

Notice date: 23rd Sept 2011, Friday.

Thanks and regards,

Hyderabad Manipuri Society (HYMS).
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