All Manipuri 1st Sports meet in Hyderabad 2011

The Hyderabad Manipuri Society (HYMS) team of Hyderabad has successfully organized a sports event on 9th July 2011, for the first time for all Manipuris residing in Hyderabad.

A brief introduction about HYMS:
HYMS (Hyderabad Manipuri Society) has been formed to connect, organize, facilitate and initiate all the people from Manipur staying in Hyderabad to a common platform. It aims at providing an organize set up which will act as a support system for the Manipuris in Hyderabad. HYMS would also be a helping hand to all those aspiring students who are looking for admissions at colleges/educational institutions spread all over Andhra Pradesh.

Coming back to the sports event, it included a football match between Students 11 vs Employees 11 (which Students 11 won by 2-1 margin) and other fun activities like ‘tug of war’ and our own traditional Manipuri ‘chakphu thugaibi’.

HYMS team.
Hyderabad Manipuri Society (HYMS)

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Posted: 2011-07-09